It’s Written in the Stars, Apparently!

The Crashing Bird — by Moneib

The word “crash” has been doing the rounds in the finance world since a few month in face of what appears to be a raging bull smashing one all-time-high (ATH) after another despite, and arguably due to, the troubles of the world with the pandemic still alive and kicking, and with many sectors fiercely hit by the lockdowns. …

The DopeFather’s Powers over Crypto are Exaggerated

Doge or Dope?

I once though about developing a sentimental analyzer which would buy Dogecoin whenever Elon Musk tweeted something positive with the word “DOGE” and sell whenever he tweeted something negative with the same word. Had I done so earlier this year, I would have been rich. For Bitcoin, however, the story is more complex.

Experts and analysts seem to agree to the obvious: Elon Musk is in control of the Crypto market sentiments, causing huge price displacements with simple tweets. In the past couple of days, the tweet was as simple as a broken heart along with the word “Bitcoin” and…

The Psychological Appeal of Alternative Trading

The first time your heart get broken is usually the hardest. After that, in subsequent times, you prepare yourself emotionally so, if it happens again, the emotional roller-coaster that comes with separation come with less amplitudes. A few more times and you might even start doing it for sports, as a way of expanding. The same logic applies to those who do extreme sports or stunts. Technically, they get hurt for a living, knowing that the potential monetary and Adrenalin rewards are far more greater than the prospects of pain, which they get used to. …

Why We Should Not Hide the Past or Hide from It


Whenever I praised a Charlie Chaplin movie in a discussion, my friends would smirk as an indication of boredom, and they had their reasons: The sped-up gait, the cheesiness of the silent jokes, the cliche-ridden, slap-stick kind of comedy that we are kind of fed up with — in 2021. Indeed, so many had copied Chaplin over and over again while his face has been in so many TV sets and on numerous products, that even the most nostalgic of us might find his simplicity to be somewhat sour…

What COVID-19 Teaches Us about the Prospects of the Species

The False Hope of Greta Thunberg

She was all around the news in 2019, her voice echoed in the corners of a world that largely sympathizes with her cause — which should be the cause of us all — yet turns a blind eye to her calls, going about its business-as-usual way of life with its mundane hustle and bustle. In a way, she was an incarnation of the hopes of the majority of us who care about the decent survival of humanity, let alone the minority of us who care about the common good as well. We followed with a sense of passive hope and…

Early Attempt to Sequence the Genome of Digital Virality

Most of us know the word “viral” when it comes to the popularity of online content, yet few relate it to the infamous, simple organisms which have wreaked havoc for millennia in the offline world and decades in the online one. A virus always comes with a negative connotation, but the premise of this book, Viral Loop: The power of Pass-It-on, is to paint virality in the positive sense of a benign tool for business profit. So was it successful in this endeavor?

The book starts with the interesting story of…

Why Capitalism's Engines Failed Us and Will Fail Us Again

A drawing of an old man standing outside the crowd in from og the Eiffel Tower. An original artwork by Muhammad Moneib.
A drawing of an old man standing outside the crowd in from og the Eiffel Tower. An original artwork by Muhammad Moneib.
Alone in Paris

A little more than fifty years ago, when Niel Armstrong announced his “giant leap for mankind” setting a human foot on the moon for the first time, it was not only the culmination of a two-decade-long Space Race between the two most powerful nations of that time: the USA and the USSR, but also the culmination of decades, and perhaps centuries of imagination and fascination with the skies above us, including inventions in the realm of giving man wings to fly, as well as building fantasies loosely-based on basic scientific…

When Nothing is Right, Go Left!

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

From disappointments comes the desire to change reality. Clearly, that’s what triggered Andre Breton, one of the most aspiring poets of France of the 1920s, to start a movement that soon became much bigger than himself, not to mention his working field of poetry. Surrealism became a word synonymous with paintings of the unreal, with the likes of Salvador Dali and Max Ernst, yet few apart from specialists would acknowledge its origin in the field of poetic writing, let alone the efforts of its father.

Breton was, like his contemporaries, a product of his turbulent times. The last decades of…

A Single Panel Cartoon

Denying the truth is a double-edged sword: It may deceive your audience, but it won’t change a thing when reality comes to bite you unawares.

A Thoughtful Search for a Silver Lining amid the Gloomiest Storm

It is quite normal to get deceived when you are ignorant, to get distracted when you are not free, and to become desperate when you can see no hope. These are the three states which Thom Hartmann challenges in his book, calling for an action by every individual to face a problem that undermines the existence of the whole of humanity. It is not yet another book about the environment and the depletion of nature’s resources, as it is a unique book that speaks to the practical as well as the spiritual, the informed as well as the misinformed. …


Defensive pessimist, critical thinker, and self-proclaimed genius born in wrong place and time.

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